Whittington & Fisherwick Neighbourhood Plan

Evolution not Revolution

WHAT is a
Neighbourhood Plan ?

A Neighbourhood Plan is a Government Initiative which allows communities greater say over their local planning process.

The Neighbourhood Plan must conform with both local and National Policies

Having one does not mean we can halt change, but it will allow us to focus and influence any developments and related issues such as:-

  • Housing Developments
  • Type of Housing
  • Renewable energy
  • Environmental and countryside issues
  • Traffic and road safety
  • On– Street parking
  • Impact on schools, nursery place, GP capacity
  • Transport
  • Facilities for the elderly

WHY do we need a Neighbourhood Plan ?

Because having a Neighbourhood Plan means the views of our community will carry legal weight with Lichfield Distric Council

A Neighbourhood Plan will allow our community to shape the future for the next 15-20yrs.

WHO will produce the Neighbourhood Plan ?

The Steering Group comprises of eight volunteers (all Whittington and Fisherwick Residents) and four Parish Councillors . They will organise public consultation, meetings, events, research, questionnaires, then write and submit the final plan.

Who will influence
The Neighbourhood Plan ?


BY !!

  • Talking to family and friends
  • Completing the questionnaire when it arrives through your door
  • Attending open meetings
  • And passing on your thoughts to the Steering Committee