Whittington & Fisherwick Neighbourhood Plan

Evolution not Revolution


The process of producing the neighbourhood plan is estimated to take between 18months and two years.

The Timetable shown below gives approximate timescales for the various elements of the plan and may be subject to change.

Stage 1 – Defining the Area – Completed May 2014

Stage 2 – Publicity and Consultation (August 2014 – March 2015)- completed
The Steering Group engaged in publicity by issuing leaflets to every household, media articles in local newspapers and Parish magazines.  During the course of 2014 a ‘Shape the Future’ exhibition at the Country Side Fair was held as well as a ‘Shape the Future’ open meeting at Whittington Village Hall. 

Stage 3 – Two Residents’ information Leaflet Drops – delivered September/October 2014- completed

Stage 4 -  Resident,  Youth and Business  questionnaires  undertaken (October 2014/March 2015) - completed
A Residents’ Questionnaire was delivered to every household in Whittington and Fisherwick in October 2014.  A Youth Questionnaire had been carried out with young people at the Youth Club prior to its’ closure. A separate  Questionnaire was delivered to  business in the parish.

Stage 5 – Dissemination of results of questionnaires (January 2015 – July 2015)
Residents’ and Youth Questionnaire results have been published on the website.  Each household has received a leaflet (April 2015) outlining the main findings of the Residents’ Questionnaire.

Stage 6 – Developers Open Forum – Village Hall 16th May 2015- completed

Stage 7 – Dissemination of results of Business Questionnaire- completed
Results published on website in August 2015

Stage 8– Dissemination of analysis of Developers Day Questionnaire – completed Leaflet produced and circulated October 2015

Stage 9 – Working Groups (July 2015 – March 2016)
Membership of the five Working Groups namely Traffic, Housing, Environment, Facilities and Familie have been identified and progress reports are being submitted on a regular basis to the main steering group

Stage 10 – Preparation of Characterisation Report (August 2015- October 2015)- completed  
Report compiled and completed by Staffordshire County Council for inclusion in final NP report by consultant

Stage 11 – Housing Needs Survey  (Jan 2016 to March 2016)
Survey commissioned from independent external company to be delivered to all households requesting specific and additional information on housing needs within the Parish

Stage 12 – Residents Open Meetings on proposed policies May 21st 2016
It is proposed to hold an open forum at the village hall to allow residents to comment on the policies envisaged to support the neighbourhood plan in the five key areas

Stage 13 – Writing the Plan (June 2016 to September 2016)
The Steering Group, with assistance from outside agencies, will engage in writing the Neighbourhood Plan

Stage 14 - Pre-submission Consultation (Sept 2016)
Draft Neighbourhood Plan is published by the Parish Council for a formal six week consultation. Following which the Parish Council may make any changes to the draft Neighbourhood Plan they feel necessary.

Stage 15 -  Submission of Neighbourhood Plan & Consultation (November 2016)
The draft Neighbourhood Plan and supporting documents are submitted to Lichfield District Council.  This is subject to a further six week formal consultation.

Stage 16 - Neighbourhood Plan Examination (November 2016 – January 2017)
The Neighbourhood Plan is examined by an independent examiner.  The examiner prepares a report which recommends whether the Neighbourhood Plan should or should not proceed to referendum or if modifications are required in order for the Plan to proceed to referendum.

Stage 17– Referendum ( February 2017- April 2017)
The referendum involving all residents within the neighbourhood area will be arranged and funded by Lichfield District Council. For the referendum to be passed a simple majority of those voting must vote to bring the Plan into force.

Stage 18– Adoption (May 2017)
Once the Plan has passed a referendum, Lichfield District Council will bring the Plan into force as part of the Development Plan within the District.

Policies Open Forum Saturday 18th June 2016 between 10am - 2pm - more . . .